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Riso Printed Edition

by Clément Chouleur and FLVR Collective


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48 pages

Limited at 300 copies

The limited-edition book “Fourgère“ contains skateboarding photos shot between Paris and Berlin by Clément Chouleur and visual productions from FLVR collective members and guest artists that we appreciate :

Benjamin Artola, Théo Belot, Paul Bizcarguenaga, Damien Caccia, Iouri Camicas, Quentin Chambry, Katia Lecomte, Youri Fernandez, Quentin Girardelos, Maria Jacquin, Jeanne Lebastard, Baptiste Lecanu, Andoni Maillard, Lisa Menjou and Michael Withaus.

The photos are featuring : Antoine "Tetouf" Caillot, Adrian Chicouard, Etienne Gros, Paul Labat, Pierre Subra and Youri Fernandez.

Printed in Paris by Riso Presto